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We Make Intelligence Work

Kryptos Logic leverages it's leading breach intelligence feed to reduce organizational exposure to multiple threat scenarios. Whether it is dealing with un-managed assets or extended workplaces, our service is immediate.

Precise Security Alerting

Uncover immediate risks in your organization and supply chain

Breach Intelligence

With real time tracking of billions of active infection records and tens of thousands of malicious domains. Telltale is the most sophisticated alerting service available.

  • Sinkholes
  • Honeypots
  • Threatfeeds
  • Kryptos Sensors

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Just add the IP addresses of your assets to be monitored and check the Telltale dashboard for signs of a breach.

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Why secure companies choose Telltale

We navigate our clients through imminent threats

Actionable Intelligence

Providing only relevant alerts that are specific to your organization and supply chain.

Best of Breed

Our team delivers unprecedented threat intelligence.

Complete Solution

Available to distribute information across all platforms at scale.

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